Best Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach And Guideline

A pet is part of a family. It may not ask special treatment, but we need to follow its behavior closely and if any change comes to its regular activities, then we need to take action as the situation demands. Having a cat as a pet you might have noticed that cats have a delicate stomach and they get affected easily. The best cat food for sensitive stomach may help to improve cat’s health, but it’s not the only thing that can help your adorable cat. You need to understand its food habits and give a close look at its daily behavior to find out and solve its health issues.

Well, what we can control is the foods so let’s have a look at the best available cat foods.

Best Sensitive Stomach Cat Food Comparison:

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Purina Pro Plan Dry Cat Food Formulas
Purina ONE Sensitive Systems Adult Dry Cat Food
Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach & Skin
Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Adult Dry Cat Food
Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Digest Sensitive Thin Slices in Gravy Canned Cat Food
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Top Picks
Food Name
Purina Pro Plan Dry Cat Food Formulas
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Editor Choice
Food Name
Purina ONE Sensitive Systems Adult Dry Cat Food
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Food Name
Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach & Skin
Prime Benefits
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Food Name
Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Adult Dry Cat Food
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Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Digest Sensitive Thin Slices in Gravy Canned Cat Food
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Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food

The Hill’s has got the reputation to produce high-quality cat food. Its new formula is nicely engineered with the chicken and grains to provide a cat all the nutrients that are needed to grow and be fit. High digestibility of this product will help a cat to execute the bowel pressure comfortably. It might be the best cat food for sensitive stomach diarrhea in this list.


  • Rice and egg recipe.
  • Improves skin and coat health for the cats.
  • Blend of omega 6 fatty acids.
  • Rich in antioxidants.
  • Vitamin C and E helps to improve the immune system.
  • Easy to digest.
  • No artificial color or preservatives.


  • Its high rating grabs all the attention of the cat owners who are facing vomiting problem with their cats, but it couldn’t perform the way they expected.

It has got a 4.5-star rating based on the customer review it indicates that most of the cat owner found it helpful for their cats. This balanced ready-made food surely going to help the cat to enjoy a healthy life. The FOS and Vitamin E with the food will help the cats to develop beneficial bacteria in the stomach with shiny attractive skin.

Halo Natural Dry Cat Food, Sensitive Stomach

The most featured part of this cat food is the use of whole meat which makes it secured for the cat’s digestive system. Halo claims not to use any artificial factors to the food which is great to maintain a cat’s sensitive stomach. Fresh materials used to develop this formula make it a good choice for an adult cat owner.  


  • A product made of fish.
  • Super digestive.
  • No color or artificial used.
  • Originally resourced no factory farming.


  • One of our friends found some sort of insect in it after mixing water with it. Cats do eat several insects, but after spending this much money who would love to see insects in cat food. While dry, it’s not noticeable and we hope it’s not injurious for the cats. We have faith in Halo.

Halo has got the reputation to provide quality foods for the cats. For this reason, we found the reviews on Amazon are mostly positive about it. The positive leads it to acquire a 4-star review from Amazon, which is a great achievement. The freshness of this food certainly improves many cat diseases which were not expected from it.

Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

This Blu Buffalo is popular for the packages in two different sizes at a budgeted price. The budgeted price doesn’t mean it doesn’t get the required minerals and vitamins. It is featured with antioxidants, which helps to keep the cats active. It’s food pieces are cold formed to preserve the potency. For this reason, it can be the best cat food for cats with digestive problems.  


  • Featured first food real meat, deboned chicken.
  • A good mix of whole grain, vegetables, and fruits.
  • Fos probiotic with the food to improve cat digestion.
  • Antioxidant vitamins and minerals come with the food to support the immune system.
  • No corn, soy or wheat mixed with the food.
  • Free from artificial flavors.


  • Most of the owner found it great for their cats but there are some people who found this sensitive stomach version food not enough good for their cats. It did not help them. So try the food, have a good look on your cat if find any change in behavior changes the food immediately.


What we found most important about this Blue Buffalo adult dry cat food is its popularity among the cat owners. Only on Amazon, there are over 650+ reviews about this cat food which shows it’s popular and efficient cat food and that’s why so many customers reviewed this food and most of them are positive which leads to a 4.2-star rating which is great for any product.

Purina ONE Sensitive Systems Adult Dry Cat Food

Purina one makes a difference with the crunchy pieces of the meal which may help the owners to keep the cat’s interest in eating. 3 available packs helpful for the owners to find the right pack to use. Special formula with the turkey meat to provide the required proteins for a cat. Not only the meat there are grains and vegetable to keep the balance and maintain a healthy balance in food.  


  • Real turkey as the no.1 ingredient.
  • Provides vitamins to nourish cat skin.
  • Grossly 36 grams of protein to help improve cat muscles.
  • A formula to make the digestion easy.


  • No problem with the food, but the poop smell has gone bad for some reason, even you can’t stand if the farts by chance.

Though we found it a bit pricey, interestingly, it is popular around the cat owner. What brings them to choose it? Because cats like to eat this crunchy food. Over 500+ reviews on Amazon and the rating of 4.6 stars says that all the cat owners are happy with the performance of this cat food. We think it’s going to be a good investment.  

Purina Pro Plan Focus Sensitive Skin & Stomach Adult Dry Cat Food

Purina Pro makes a different approach with a 40% protein diet for the cats. The vitamin A and omega 6 fatty acids in this formula help to take care of skin especially. Purina here features the lamb meat as no 1 ingredient for special use and meat is fully processed to make it easily digestible for a cat. In our general research, we did not find lamb meat a good choice for cats. So need to be careful while choosing this Purina adult cat food.


  • Omega 6 fatty acid and vitamin A with the food to gain a healthy coat.
  • The ingredients provide natural prebiotic fiber.
  • No1 ingredient real lamb.
  • Easy digestible rice and oatmeal with the cat food.


  • Easily digestible food ingredients are what a cat owner is always searching for but this can go wrong when your cat starts pooping irregularly, here and there.

We found about 400 customers reviewed this product on Amazon. It’s never a small number and most of them are satisfied with the service they got from this food. Over 70% of its customers gave it 5 stars so we can assume it will give a good result 70% percent of the time. If it’s true then you have to admit that it’s never a loss to buy this food for the cats.   

Iams Proactive Health Sensitive Stomach Adult Cat Food

This Iams cat food is featured with real chicken for the cats which helps to get the required amount of protein from it. The probiotic and beet pulp with the food helps to absorb nutrient and provide stronger muscle and coat. Lams is great for their cat food collection for all age levels.


  • A dry cat food full of chicken and turkey.
  • Protein-rich cat food to build strong muscle.
  • Good for long term digestive health.
  • Tailored fiber comes with prebiotic and beet pulp to absorb nutrients.
  • Antioxidant-rich cat food for adult cats.


  • Switching with weight and hairball control to this sensitive stomach diet may cause gas for the cat at the beginning.


This Iams cat food hasn’t got the popularity like the cat foods we discussed before. Around 100 people reviewed this cat food and performance is good with over 75% of the customers 5star rating. So far it has got the performance to keep the faith in it. For a budgeted investment, it’s a good option, no doubt.  

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Special 33 Dry Cat Food

Royal Canin makes it comfortable for the users with 3 different pack it helps to improve the usability of the food. What you may find a bit problematic is the cost. Otherwise, the Royal Canin has a reputation to provide quality cat food. Its unique kibble shape may help to keep interested in the food.   


  • Special formula for adult cats with sensitive digestive tract.
  • Prebiotics and digestive protein for optimal digestion.
  • Unique kibble shapes to drag the attention of the cat.
  • In a small amount of food, cats get higher nutrients.
  • Works great as a wet food compliment.


  • The costing can be an issue for some of us.
  • Some of the cats might not feel interested eating it alone, you may need to put some extra fish chips on it keep their interest on.

Over 500+ reviews show that it has got the popularity around the cat owners and over 75% of the reviews are positive and rewarded with a 5 star. To select food for your cat these ratings are enough. If you don’t consider the cost it is one of the most promising cat food to help fight against the sensitive stomach.

Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Digest Sensitive Thin Slice in Gravy Canned Cat Food

If your cat demands wet food in order to be fit, then it might be the pack you would love. It has got the odor reduction feature for the adult cats which is great and it means the cat will enjoy an improved and healthy stomach. High-level digestibility is always the feature for wet foods.


  • Suitable for 1 year and older cats.
  • Thin slices gravy wet cat food.
  • Highly digestive proteins.
  • Helps to decrease the poo odor.
  • Balanced vitamins and minerals for optimal cat health.
  • A perfect addition to the dry cat food.


  • The morsels feel to be big for cats as some of the cats just lick the juice but not eating the pieces.

Like the dry food, it hasn’t been able to get popularity for some reason. When your cat facing constipation, you need the wet food. In Amazon, 75% of the users found it useful and rated it 5 star that means though it’s less popular but has got the quality to satisfy a user.  

Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Digestive Care Chicken & Vegetable Stew Canned Cat Food

Another wet food in the list to help the owners to help their cats while facing constipation. The Hills has a reputation to provide quality food for cats. Here they tried to make a good impact on the cat health using chicken and vegetable mix wet food. Chicken helps to get the required nutrient and the vegetable makes a balance of vitamin to provide a smooth and irritation free skin.


  • Canned cat food to provide wet food for cats.
  • Chicken and vegetable as an ingredient.
  • Easily digested by the pets.
  • Works nicely to improve the gas problem.


  • Expensive food and you will a few of them if your cat likes it.

It is yet to gain popularity around the cat owners. Didn’t get enough review on Amazon to help you with the data to make a decision.

Blue Basics Limited Ingredient Diet Adult Indoor Grain Free Duck & Potato Wet Cat Food

Blue basics have got three different flavors of turkey, duck, and fish with potato. The meat helpful to get the protein and the potato is helpful to get the required carbohydrate. Wet food helps to keep the cat calm with their eating as there is less chance of choking and vomiting. The Omega fatty acids and vitamin E in this wet food help the cats to enjoy an irritation-free healthy skin. So it can be one of the best cat food for sensitive stomach vomiting and relief all our tensions.   


  • 3 available types of wet food with duck, fish, turkey.
  • Potato and peas in the food for easy digestion.
  • Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids rich.
  • No artificial ingredient.


  • The budget is always an issue.
  • The chicken hater cats don’t like the turkey and potato one.

This is the most popular and efficient wet food we have got on this list. Over 150 customers reviewed this product and about 70% of the customer rewarded it with a 5 star. That means it’s going to be a good choice for the customer despite the high price of this Blue-sensitive stomach cat food.

How to determine if my cat has a sensitive stomach?

If you have any kind of discomfort in your body naturally there comes a bit of change in your behavior and regular activities. This simple theory works for the cats also. If a cat has a sensitive stomach you will find the change in its regular activities for sure.  

If you see your pets are not enjoying their regular foods and have got the tendency to vomit every now and now. It gives a feeling of something going wrong, right? All the symptom might not show up together, but, has a higher chance to one or two symptoms by turn.

You need to watch out if your cat having bouts of diarrhea or showing any sign of constipation. It’s the most significant sign of whether your cat has a sensitive stomach or not.

So, now it’s time to discover how the formulated cat food can help the cats.

How Does The Sensitive Stomach Cat Food Help?

Cat foods for sensitive stomachs are engineered in a way to reduce the bad effects of food and helps to improve health after a series of vomiting and diarrhea.

Cat’s stomach is prone to meats or any rich food because of this risk cat food producer’s are shy to announce that their products have got the byproduct meat as a protein source.

What is by-product meat?

It’s the meat from the animal that does not contain any contaminated part of that particular animal. Most of the time we serve the liver, kidney, lungs to the cats, but the byproduct meat does not only contain these parts there are also other parts from any mammal.

As byproduct meat is fresh it doesn’t harm your cat’s health. The cheaper is often questioned that whether they provide the perfect byproduct meats or not. So it’s better to choose a well-known brand which has got the track record to provide an overall quality cat food. It might not aggravate the cat’s digestive system.    

The reputed producers of cat food are well researched they know the habit of sensitive eaters and they try to avoid the items that the sensitive cats don’t like to eat. Corn and other grain-based items are on this list. There is a chance of irritation if the grains are added to the cat food, but it does not happen to be true in every case.    

If you track your cats eating and find out that the grains are not helping your cat then you should try wet food. When you start providing the sensitive cat food most of the time the owners have experienced the healthy eating routine helps the cats to live better.   

How do I stop my cat vomiting after eating?

Before thinking about stop the vomit you need to understand why cats vomit. It will help to find the remedy or trick to escape from vomiting. Firstly a cat shape is parallel to the land and so their esophagus and intestine are.

The horizontal esophagus does seem to be efficient like the vertical one. The foods need to be slippery to get pass easily through a horizontal esophagus. So you can see why your cat has a high rate of vomiting.

If a cat drinks less water or has the tendency to eat the foods quicker than usual, it brings on the chance to chocking and results to vomit. So it would be smart from a cat owner to add some water in cat food or put a water bowl standby to make the digestion easier for a cat.

Now you have the idea of the digestive system, but the food you deliver to your loving pet is it genuinely for cats easy digestion. If not you need to think about it and may need to transfer the foods to sensitive stomach cat food. These foods are formulated in a way to make the digestion easier and provide the much-needed protein for a cat.

The change of food might not give the result that you want if you won’t be able to stop the human rich foods they get from the surrounding. This human food may not seem harmful at first, look for them, but if a cat fails to swallow up or digest it after eating it there the cat has the chance of diarrhea or vomiting and it is, of course, a matter to think deeply for your cat’s health. Just as you take care of your baby you need to take care of a cat and make sure you take your cat’s to the vet in a regular interval whether there is an issue or not.

Reasons For A Cat’s Sensitive Stomach Hair Balls

Cats have the habit to clapperclaw their hairs all day around when they are not sleeping. It results in them to swallow a lot of hair and make hairballs in the stomach, but the fact is, most of the hairs are somehow flushed and the flushed hairs never cause problems.    

When some of the hair left in the esophagus or intestine, it accumulates as time progresses. After a certain period of time, it forms like a ball and the system forces it upwards to the mouth of the cat and that’s how the owner came to know about the hairballs. The hairball causes irritation when it’s inside so it’s better to come out and relief the cat.  

Intestinal Worms

One of the reasons for a cat vomiting is the worms in their intestinal system. A cat owner needs to look after a cat properly and deworm a cat’s internal system in a regular interval. For the kittens, it needs to be done once per two weeks for 12 weeks continuously. For a cat, over 12 weeks the process can be repeated once in 3 months.

The intestinal worms cause vomiting and it’s the primary sign that you need to visit a vet. These worms can lead to lethargy, runny nose and lose interest to eat regular food. So, you should visit a doctor with your cat for the remedy.   

Diet Change

If the cat gets used to any certain food routine and recipe there is a chance when you make any change in diet the cat not taking it positively and started vomiting though its for improvement. You may need to give it some time to adjust or if you see vomiting is not stopping then you should change back to previous routine and recipe.    

So to prevent the vomiting you need to be smart and the change need to be done slowly. Like mixing the new food with the old food, then after a while, the old can be removed from the diet comfortably, but as I said earlier you need have a close look on your cat’s behavior.

Eating Too Fast

A cat’s swallowing system is not compatible to eat the foods, fast like a human or any other animal on this planet. You can see they are four-footed so their esophagus system is horizon not vertical so if a cat tries to eat the food quicker than usual then there is a big chance to choke and vomit.    

Sensitive Stomach

If a cat has a sensitive stomach naturally then there is really a little thing to do from an owner. We are fortunate enough to live in a developed century where we get some cat food formula to help the sensitive cats to live a healthy life. Cats are experienced to be comfortable to digest the formulated foods easily and it’s good news for a sensitive cat owner.   

How To Determine The Best Cat Food For Sensitive Stomachs?

So now we need something that indicates whether the cat food formula is suitable for our cats. In the following section, you will get the idea about the ingredient that you should find in the best cat food for the sensitive stomach.

Grain Free

By observing the food habit of a cat you can find out that if the catsuits with grains or not. Until now we have found most of the time cats are not a good consumer of grains. According to scientific research, the cat has a lack of amylase in their digestive which helps the carbohydrate to break down the grains like corns. So its better to avoid the grains to some extent. Also, you need to keep in mind that grains have the protein to help the body build.


Surprised to hear that? Yes like the human cats have got the chance to tolerate milk and milk type foods because of the lacking of habit and enzymes. It’s like they drink less milk and slowly their digestive system forgets how to break down the milk and soak the protein for the body. Cats do drink milk from their mother, but afterward, lack of milk drinking leads them to intolerable to milk and milk made foods.  

No Use Of Artificial Ingredients

Artificial ingredients are never good for a digestive system. So you need to find out a food package who doesn’t use any artificial preservative or keeps it in a digestible level for pets. Cats don’t have the strongest digestive system so there is a chance to agitate the digestive system fast if any manufacturer uses artificial preservatives.  

Specific Meat Sources

As I said earlier cats don’t have the strongest digestive system so they can’t process all kinds of meat. They will need tender meat to digest the food easily. It’s better not to provide any beef or lamb before them. So you need to avoid those types of cat food which feature high fiber meat in them.

So you can try any meat type that is soft and easy to digest. Like the chicken’s meat. It will help a cat to maintain a healthy coat and keep it active by providing the much-needed protein by not disturbing the digestive system.  

Proper Balance

When trying to maintain a good balance of food you need to keep the macro-nutrient balance in mind.

If you choose a diet that is high in fat might not be a good option for your cat digestive system. So here you will need to add something to digest the fat easily. It will help to make a balance of the diet.

So it’s better to search for a balanced diet that has got all the protein and dietary fat with the carbohydrate to provide all the needed nutrition to your cat’s body.   


The consistency might directly relate to cat food, but you need to understand this topic in order to make sure your cat’s health. It’s about mixing up the things in a proper way.  

We often see people using too many brands for their cat’s feeding. If you change the cat food brand in a short time cats don’t get the chance to adjust with the foods and they can’t receive the nutrients properly. It’s a big reason they often experience stomach upset. Well, they can’t say anything but their change in behavior surely says on behalf of them.  

That is the reason the doctors will suggest you stick with a brand for a certain time to find out whether it’s fruitful for the cat or not. If you find a specific brand helpful to maintain your cat’s health then you shouldn’t change it before any change comes.  

So, when searching for the perfect food brand it might a bit of time, but after getting the match there is a reason to change your cat’s before any change comes. It should help you to get a relatively stable stomach of your cat.

Important Notes While Changing Formulas.

When you have noticed that your cat has a sensitive stomach and you feel the time has come to make the change in diet and brand there you need to take some quick note about switching the foods. Anything wrong can lengthen the problem so you need to make sure the following topics.

  • Don’t change the previous food overnight.
  • Start mixing up the new formula with the old one bit by bit
  • Take some time for it to cut off the old meal, it may take 2-3 weeks to completely exclude the previous formula
  • You shouldn’t hurry to get the result give a little time with the new formula if there is nothing like vomiting or diarrhea you should continue with the new formula.
  • Remember, if you change the meal overnight the digestive system might not take it comfortably. It will counterpart the new meal and it may create a bad impact on your cat’s health. So be steady.

While mixing the new brand with the old brand if any complication arises you should immediately meet the doctor and try to take the necessary steps.

Frequent Digestive Disorder In Cats Upset stomach

There are several reasons for a cat to have an upset stomach. The grooming habit of cat results to ingestion of hairs and after accumulating a few of the hair it takes the form of hairball and it causes inflammation in the digestive system. It’s also a reason for vomiting.

Cats also ingest foreign body which they find attractive like the rubber band, tinsel or the dental floss. These things are simply not good for a stomach and this kind of unruly habits slowly leads to hypersensitivities as time passes. For this vomiting is quite natural for a cat.

If you find your cat with acute vomiting you should immediately contact the vet and the doctor may suggest 12-24 hour food restriction. If the cat is too sick then the process may follow up with a bland baby food diet for the next few days. The baby food may be like turkey or lamb baby food. A dose of Famotidine 2.5-5 mg once or twice daily may be suggested if needed to get rid of the sour stomach.     


Diarrhea is common in cats. It’s a sign of intestinal inflammation from them. Like human, their diarrhea also can be watery or mucousy. It seems serious when the blood comes with the stool. Generally, the blood comes when there is any inflammation in the colon.

If you notice any unusual defecation outside the litter box, then it can be a case of colitis. You may also notice the attack of intestinal parasites in cats. Sooting herb slippery elm is a good choice for the cat’s diarrhea. The probiotics in the formulated food also help the cats to come round from diarrhea. In acute cases, the baby food may help the cats to find the cure.


When cats don’t get enough fiber in their diet gradually it builds to constipation. Not only the food when indoor cats don’t get enough exercise they may get caught of constipation. Also, indoor cats sometimes get blocked by the environment to release the poop pressure. If it happens continuously then it gradually takes the form of constipation.

If a cat swallows any foreign object, then there is a chance that the cat faces constipation while pooping as the objects make the stool tough to come out through the colon.

To overcome these situations you should add extra fiber to cat food when you notice the constipation of your pet. To naturally overcome constipation, add moisture to cat food and avoid dry food for the constipated cats.    

Another big thing to notice that you need to keep the litter box clean so that the cat can evacuate the stool anytime when it feels the bowel movement.

Things To Consider While Buying Cat Food

When you are trying to find out the exact match of food for your sensitive stomach cat. You might be thinking of the best sensitive stomach cat food, but that’s not how things work. Consider the following facts while buying cat food.

  • Find out what kind of food does your catsuits with. If you find that the cat in your home is suitable with wet food then go with that. So, first, observe and then take the decision.
  • While in the store make sure you are purchasing the foods that are specialized for cats.
  • Consider the nutrient value.
  • Don’t just believe the level try to out their original ingredient.
  • Check the meat, grain, lactose factor.

According to the nature of the cat, these rules can change. You need to learn the food habit of your cat, then make a final decision.

So it seems there is no way to stick to some certain rule while buying cat food. If it seems better to provide your cat the natural food, then there is no reason to go with ready-made foods.   


So you can see finding out the best cat food for sensitive stomach is never an easy task. It takes time and you need to wait for the results to declare that it’s the right match for your cats. Also, after getting the match you need to keep track of your cat’s activity if any change shows up you may need to call or go to the doctor. It’s a continuous process to keep your cats sensitive stomach out of trouble, be aware.    
Once you have decided on the best cat food for sensitive stomach, don’t forget to check out our How to Buy The Best Cat Food with Taurine

Have a nice day!

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